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Our Workshop


PT. Roda Konstruksi Utama have 2 (two) Workshops that can support the implementation of the Project. The location of Workshop-#I is located at Jl. Raya Legok no. 3, Cijantra Village-South Tangerang, with area ± 1 Ha and has a fabrication capacity of 500 Ton/Month;


While the Location of Workshop-#II located on Jl. Desa Mekar Jaya, Kec. Panongan, Curug - South Tangerang, with area ± 4 Ha has 1000 Ton/month fabrication capacity.


Therefore PT. RKU has a fabrication capacity of 1500 ton / month in total. Based on that, PT. RKU optimist and sure can able to support Hyundai RDMP project  smoothly and on time.


Workshop I


Location                       : Jl. Raya Legok No. 3, Desa Cijantra, Tangerang Selatan

Total Area                    : ± 1 hectare

Production Capacity   : 500 tons/month

Core Production          : Mechanical and Electrical Project

Office Staff                   : 10 personnel

Workshop Worker       : 50 personnel

Workshop II


Location                       : Jl. Desa Mekar Jaya, Kec. Panongan Curug, Tangerang

Total Area                    : ± 4 hectare

Production Capacity   : 1,000 tons/month

Core Production          : Construction Project

Office Staff                   : 30 personnel

Workshop Worker       : 200 personnel

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